Ron Williams

Carter Center SIMpull Truck

January 18th, 2012

Carter Center SIMpull Truck, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

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Start of a new day….

April 7th, 2010

The memorial service was great.   It was the hardest speech I have ever deliveried.   I am thankful that I was able to share some words and memories of  my ”Beautiful Lady”, I will ??????????? ???? ????????? continue to miss you  “Ladda Potata”!      I felt all the support and love from all my great friends and family, Brooke and I are truly blessed.

View photos from service

In Loving Memory of my mom, Thelma Louise Williams

April 5th, 2010

It has been a long week with the passing of my mom.   I just wanted to share with everyone the memorial program… it  really captures the wonderful beautiful  lady that was my mom.    Mom, thank you for all that you have done for me and our family…you will be physically missed, I will honor your spirit, and will listen to your guiding voice.     May you finally rest in peace and walk and talk with the angels.   



A memorial service is planned for Tuesday, April 6th at 4:30 PM at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, 4480 Peachtree Corners Circle, Norcross, GA, 30092.  In lieu of flowers, the family has established a trust for Louise’s daughter Michelle, who has spent the last few years as Louise’s primary caregiver; donations can be sent to 1657 Olivia Way, Auburn, AL 35226.


Memorial Program

Bike Day 2. Now that’s more like it!

January 25th, 2010

After 70 miles and 5000′ of climbing I feel more like myself!   Maybe I can return to top fitness this year?   All of the men on the team are really riding well and they are all much improved from 2008.    The first part of the ride was very animated with a good dig on wild cat canyon.   I was able to climb with the 135lbs’ers and the amazing climbing tandem of Dave/Clark, thanks to Mari for bridging me back on the climb.    Mari Holden, Silver Medalist 2004 Games,  is training with us.   Mari will be riding as a tandem pilot this year.   I guess you could say that our program is going in the right direction!   We also have found a young guy, Reese, who is a double bk amputee and he is amazing.   Reese climbs like its his job!  He is going to well in the sport if he decides that’s what he wants to do.     I am excited to be with the team and training again.

Today we are meeting with a nutritionist?    I am a bit nervous about learning what I already know….I have a problem with food and discipline.    I am going to commit myself to changing my lifestyle and diet.

If you want to see what Team Williams has been up to, Brooke update her blog!


2010 Season Starts with Bike Camp

January 24th, 2010

It’s good to have the 2009 season of injuries and set backs behind me!   I am looking forward to a successful 2010 cycling season!    For the last 10 years I have been privileged to start my season off with a training camp is SUNNY San Diego.   This year we are actually holed up in a hotel in Alpine, California.    The goal of this National Team Camp is to get in some good base miles and climb!

Personally, I have been waiting for this camp since I have not been able to ride with many folks, and I’ve been wanting to test myself since making my way back from injury to fitness.     This whole comeback thing has taken many forms in the last ten months.   I have had moments of greatness and moments of deep disappointment.    One moment of greatness was riding the PINHOTI Trail with my good friends Cleve Blackwell and Trey Woodall.   We rode our MTB bikes for about 8 hrs and climbed over 13,000′!   I felt great on that ride and my mind was happy and clear.   A moment of disappointment came on the first day of bike camp yesterday.  The first day is always a measuring stick…all the guys are excited to be together and everyone wants to test themselves.   I am no different and I personally needed this day of judgment.

I am the oldest male rider on the team and I am happy in that role as I feel that I bring the team leadership and experience.    That title starts to get real heavy though when you race up a 30 minute climb with a couple of 20 year olds!   It was about 20 minutes into this climb when I had to let the boys go and enter into my own personal pain cave!   It’s been years since I have been there.   When I was in the cave I started to think about a lot of things…am I too old?  Where is my fitness?  Do I still have something wrong with my lungs?  How are those guys climbing so well?   Then I said… all that is BS!  I am out in California riding my bike, I have a beautiful wife, a successful career, and countless blessings, and not I am NOT too old!  At that moment the pain was not as great… my mind was clearing and motivation came storming in.

I think Brooke (the wife) has been trying to motivate me and I didn’t even realize it!   Since we returned from our NYC trip she has been planning meals to cook at home.   She has also been going to the gym in the mornings before work.   Each time she goes she asks me if I want to go to the gym with her, and I have been saying no!?   Well now, I am going to say yes!   This change has been building for many months and I have been making excuses and making some bad decisions.

Thanks Brooke for leading by example and giving me the time to attend bike camp!   Thanks to my teammates for taking the National Team seriously and raising the bar!

Its been a long week!

July 12th, 2009
I have had a very trying week.   I am very thankful that Brooke is a doctor and she treated my situation with a keen sense of urgency!    It all started about two weeks ago when I woke up one morning in some pain in the left side of my back.   I dismissed it as a reminder that I was out of shape, as I have started training again on the bike.    I had some good rides and some rides that hurt way too much for the effort.    The pain seemed to get worse at night, and it reached its peak when I awoke Sunday night screaming in pain and drenched in sweat.  The pain was sharp and I thought that it had to be a kidney stone, even though I have never experienced a kidney stone before.  I also thought maybe my liver had finally given up, but Brooke informed me that my liver is located on the right side (phew).    Given my past medical history, I was tired of worrying about what could be going on inside my body, so  we were off to the hospital for a chest xray and blood work.  One good thing about a small town is that we were able to get in and out of the hospital in about 1 hr.    We went to Brooke’s office to read the xray and lab work.   Brooke pulled the xray up on the computer and that’s when my week got worse…   She immediately said that the left side looked concerning!    I started to freak out and all I wanted was someone to fix me and tell me I was ok.    I took a pic of the xrays and emailed them to my cycling Doctor Andy, and he immediately called me and said that the left side did not look normal?  Both Brooke and Andy used some big words to describe what was wrong, but all I wanted to know was, was it CANCER!?   It took some time to get the official read on the xray, and the good new was it was not CANCER, but there was a problem.
That was Monday.    Since Monday I have had:
5 chest xrays
5 doctor office visits
3 trips to the hospital
1 CT scan of my chest
300 cc of fluid drained from around my left lung
Brooke was been taking care of me and following up on all my labs and test results.   We have had a very interesting experience with how different doctors practice and we are now well versed in the Insurance game.   Basically you can be dying as you wait for a pre-authorization from insurance.    We now have every one on the same page and I am again on the road to recovery.
I have some form of pneumonia…we probably will never know the exact cause of that.  The pneumonia is causing inflammation and fluid to build up in my left side in the area between the chest wall and the lungs. They drained that fluid (see picture above of the thoracentesis!) and have tested it and all the results point to an infection.   So I am on some high dose antibiotics and rest.    My lung capacity is compromised and could take several weeks to get back to normal.   I have been feeling about the same, not worse, since starting my antibiotics.   I am hoping that today I turn the corner!
Thanks to Brooke and all her partners for helping fix me!

Its been a long week!, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

/Media Card/BlackBerry/pictures/IMG00064-20090703-0803.jpg

July 3rd, 2009

/Media Card/BlackBerry/pictures/IMG00064-20090703-0803.jpg, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

Enjoying a nice cup of coffee at home! We are in a recession, sorry Starbucks.

95 degrees + 80% humidity+ Dirt Roads= red clay legs!

June 29th, 2009

95 degrees + 80% humidity= red clay legs!, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

Camp sunshine

June 14th, 2009

Camp sunshine, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

All is right with the world. I have a new camp bracelet! Its a long story. I will have to share it sometime.
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Riding Outside Again!

May 30th, 2009

Riding Outside Again!, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

The wrist is still very stiff, but I am able to ride outside! I have
missed riding my bike, but the down time has been good. Brooke and I have
gotten to spend a lot of time together and we were able to buy a new house!
That probably would not have happened if I was racing my bicycle very
weekend. The new house is awesome and we are all settled in thanks Brooke’s
mom Barbara! Barbara and Brooke are a great house decorating team. Well I
am off to ride my bike!

The arm is free!

May 20th, 2009

The arm is free!, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

Finally! The cast is off. I now have a splint and rehab twice a week. My wrist is very stiff, so it’s going to take some work!?

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My new Ride

April 29th, 2009

My new Ride, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

Brooke and I had a great weekend in Athens,GA at the TWLIGHT!

I usually race, but with a broken wrist, the only thing I was ride was the bench and this bulldog! There’s always next year………………

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Dr. Follow up II

April 28th, 2009

Dr. Follow up II, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

The bones are healing great! Ahead of schedule. I get the X Fix off next monday!!

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The Arm! Two Week Follow up

April 14th, 2009


The Good News is that the arm is healing very well! The Bad News is that I have to wear the X-Fix for four more weeks??!  Dr. Lourie was very happy with the way that the “big” bone came back together.   I was surprised when I saw the X-ray that he did not have to use a “plate”!   The screws in my wrist will come out and I should have a full recovery.   Brooke was there for the visit so that she could hear straight from the doctor exactly what things I was allowed to do… I guess she knows me pretty well?  I tested her in the car on the way home when I said, “I think I can ride my rollers with the arm!”

Here is a slide show—it shows the x-fix and blood and gore-beware!

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April 7th, 2009

RD9, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

I have been up and down lately. I am not one for patience or inaction? My
DR..wife keeps telling me to slow down and take it easy. Taking it easy is
not as “EASY” as it sounds. I also called my coach, jim lehman, and he had
the same advice take it easy and finish watching “Entourage!” I am taking
it easy until my follow up with Dr. Lourie on the 14th.

I am at 73% today. Did 30mins on the stairmaster and 1 hrs spin on the

Enjoy a clip from the “ARM!”

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Giant weigh in!

April 5th, 2009

New bike weigh in! New bike weigh in!

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first ride

April 5th, 2009

first ride, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

I use to hate riding the trainer! Since its the only way I can ride my machine its the best. Its been two weeks since the crash. Recovery is under way.

Thanks to Bobs Bikes and Will for all their help!

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new bike

April 4th, 2009

new bike.jpg, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

The best way to get over a bike crash!!! New bike! I guess its going to be a while until this baby gets out of the open road.

Thanks GIANT for all their support.

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April 3rd, 2009
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RD5, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

I am 65% today. I have not taken any pain pills since yesterday morning! My body seems to be catching up and my spirits are lifting.

Enjoy this clip from the arm!

tweets in bicycling mag

April 2nd, 2009

Nice to see that I am in good company.  Thanks to bicycling for the shout out~!  more tweets coming with many recovery days ahead.


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recovery day 2.3GP

April 1st, 2009

recovery day 2.3GP, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

I am at 53% today. Starting to get the idea of taking the pain pills before it hurts. The sun is out today!

recovery day

March 31st, 2009

recovery day 1.3GP, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

Recovery day 1. Its a bit more painful than I expected.


March 23rd, 2009

My first race of the season did not go as planned! I was racing in a master crit in atlanta when I was taken out. I thought masters races where supposed to be safer? Someone overlapped my rear wheel while we were flying down the front straight. Yes we were going in a straight line at about 27 mph….no reason to overlapped someone rear wheel. The Someone did not even stay around to make sure I was ok? I know he is ok because I broke his fall, as he was laying on top of me while i was loosing skin sliding along the pavement. My wrist is broken in three places and I have to have surgery this week. Thanks to DR. WIFE for taken care of me!

Jan. 15th

January 16th, 2009

Things are going pretty good with the Fat to Fitness Plan. I have riding the bike 12-17 hours per week for the last couple of weeks. I have joined a local gym and I am attending the “Body Pump” classes two to three days a week. These classes are whipping me into shape! They are harder that I thought and they are challenging me with many ways. I can ride a bike like a pro, but I am no “Body Pump” master…..yet! Today I also tried a yoga class, next time I need to take off the leg.

Coach Jim was deeply concerned about my fitness after he saw the “Pull Ups” clip. After an intervention and some tough talk, Jim is going to help me find my fitness! It is so easy to get out of shape? After Beijing I was over it….training, diet, etc. I let the fat, beer chugging, kid out for a couple of months, and now its time to put him away.

Some good news came this week! Brooke passed her board exam, so she is now a Board Certified Pediatrician.

I am happiest when I am fit!

Happy New Year! 2009

January 1st, 2009

The off-season has been good to me!   I have done everything I wanted to do, drank all that I could, eat everything, and traveled a lot.   It’s now time to get down to business.  I am ready to get back to training and see what I can do in 2009.     I am now a fitness level 0!   See the below clip!

See clip

Dirt Roads !!

November 9th, 2008

IMG00064.jpg, originally uploaded by ronswilliams123.

Finally getting out and exploring auburn and lee county…..plenty of dirt roads!!!

I met the President again!

October 26th, 2008

Not many people get to meet the president of the united states. I on the other hand have had the awesome opportunity to meet cliton, bush, and bush! A few weeks after our return from china the USOC flew all the Olympians and paralympians to the white house to meet president, George Bush. The white house visit is a lot of fun. We all gather in the rose garden and the president delivers a speech thanking all of the Olympian and paralympians for representing the US in the 2008 games. The most fun part of this whole trip to me is meeting fellow Olympians. It is great to share stories and get to know the able bodied versions of ourselves. I had a chance to meet the future of US Cycling, Taylor Phinney! This guy is awesome and he is going places. I also got to meet miss shawn johnson, she was great and know we are BFF!


October 24th, 2008

Fw: Auburn, al 

I am getting settled in in Auburn, AL! I hope to make this the cycling capital of Alabama. The roads are great for riding and Auburn University provides great scenery.

Leaving China Behind

September 18th, 2008


I know that it has been some time since I have last posted. I guess I needed some time to get my thoughts in order. The last few days have been a blast traveling around China with Brooke and company. We have experienced a lot of things that not everyone gets to do, so for that I am very thankful. It was my bicycle that bought me back from cancer, and it is my bicycle that has helped me ride through life. I am not sure where my bicycle will take me next but I am sure it will be an adventure. Brooke and I hit the ground running when we get back home… Well we don’t actually have a home anymore since the movers are coming on Monday to move us to Auburn, Alabama. I guess you could said that the Williams family is starting a new chapter in more ways than one. I need to figure out what’s next for me and my life with the bicycle… Brooke is starting her career as the best doctor ever, we are starting a new life in Auburn, and I need to get my Southwire life back on track! Just writing this today is making me emotional; I did not do what I set out to do here in China. But as I step back and think, I feel that maybe I have done what I set out to do! My goal has always been to promote the ability of disabled athletes through elite sport. By my competing in the Paralympic Games I hope that I will inspire a future “Ron Williams.” Maybe a “poor sick child” from Camp Sunshine will see what I have done and decide that he or she too can accomplish great things. I am so thankful for my purpose in this life and I will continue to help others ” Make a Plan and Plan to Make it!!”

Now that my eyes are filled with tears……….I am out.

PS. Rob thanks for this comment:


So, the race didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, but As Teddy Roosevelt once said…

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” Teddy Roosevelt

Nuff said.


Great Wall

September 15th, 2008